The MELODUB SOUND SYSTEM project was created in 2011 by French sound system addicts Klm and Jahraw. They promote all kinds of sound system cultures and want to push forward the movement of “Do It Your Self” (DIY).
They started building their handcrafted sound system in 2012 with 2 scoops and quickly grew up to 6.
Many sessions followed the next year (
) and allow the crew to share dances with artists like Dubateers, Dawa Hifi, Bunnigton Judah, Moa Ambessa and many more.
Finally during 2016 summer they upgrade the sound system to 8 scoops
Today they are based in Nantes (West coast of France), MELODUB is in constant improvement, aiming for a powerful and qualitative sound, to allow their listeners to enjoy the musical trip.